4 Ways to Extend Wi-Fi Range

4 Ways to Extend Wi-Fi Range

Today we have stronger Wi-Fi than ever before but there can still be bottlenecks and problems, even if you have a strong router. There are ways to improve your connection to extend the range of your Wi-Fi so your overall speed is improved for activities such as streaming video or downloading larger files. If you’re streaming movies, accessing the Internet on a daily basis or playing games, you need a high-quality Wi-Fi connection even if you’re on an unlimited internet plan. Here are several ways that you can improve your Wi-Fi connection.

Router Placement

In general, your modem and router should be in a central location in the home. This allows for the best access throughout the home. For example, if you stick the router is a small corner in the basement someplace, your reception throughout the home would probably be poor. If you have just one computer make sure you have a wired connection as this will give you the best overall signal. Make sure the route is away from walls and metal objects like a cabinet as the signal won’t be as strong.

Router Upgrade

One way to improve the connection is to simply upgrade your router to the latest model. The IEEE standards include:


  • AC
  • N
  • G
  •  B
  •  A

To figure out the standard that your router uses, look for the model number with one of the above letter present.  You can also check with the router provider to determine the standard that your current router is using. It’s a good idea to use a standard higher than N as this gives a better Internet connection.

If you have a router through your Internet provider, call them to see if there is an upgraded model you can get. You may have to pay a little more for your Internet as router upgrades often come with additional Internet charges. The difference in speed can be well worth the extra investment. Some people prefer to purchase their own router which is also fine.

Change the Wireless Network Card or Adapter of Your Device

If you have an older computer, the network card and adapter might be a bottleneck to your speed. By upgrading the card or buying a better computer, you’ll enjoy more speed.

Turn Cable or Electrical Outlets into Access Points (AP’s)

It’s possible to have more wireless access points by using your electrical or cable outlet. This allows you to double or even triple the Wi-Fi range. You can buy devices which can extend the range of your current Wi-Fi. This gives you a strong reception in all rooms of the home.


These tips should help you get a better Wi-Fi range. Another thing you can do is upgrade your current Internet plan. This can improve your speed to a wide degree and eliminate bottlenecks in the home. The downside to doing this is the added cost.