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RBC – Royal Bank of Canada Mortgage Rates

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From the flexibility of a variable rate mortgage to the security that comes with a fixed rate mortgage, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) offers several choices and great rates for your peace of mind. 

RBC Mortgage Rates

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a financial institution in Canada, which is also referred to as RBC Financial Group or RBC Royal Bank. Founded in 1864, the bank’s headquarters is at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fixed rate mortgage offers an interest rate that’s locked in for the term of the mortgage which means you won’t have to worry about future rate fluctuations for the period. RBC’s variable rate mortgages provide you with the flexibility to take advantage of falling rates while allowing you to convert to a fixed rate mortgage any time.

Going by market capitalization, RBC Royal Bank is one of the biggest financial services companies in North America. The bank also features on the list of the largest banks in the world based on the same criteria.

Today, RBC Royal Bank has more than 78,000 employees (both part- and full-time) and over 16 million clients. You can get the bank’s public sector, personal, institutional and business services in Canada, America, and 39 more countries across the world.

The French name for RBC Royal Bank in Canada is RBC Banque Royale.


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It is important when choosing the right mortgage you understand the scope of features and options available, as well as your budget, circumstances and goals and the key is to be able to differentiate between all the options.  Whether you’re buying your first home, another property or purchasing a home for retirement and need guidance, has a list of mortgage brokers who have solid experience in working with RBC and will assist you in deciding the best option for you. has provided you with the tools and ease of use for you to compare mortgage rates with RBC versus other banks. 


Provinces It Services

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is available nationwide, although most of the branches and ATMs are concentrated in the more southern provinces that include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

RBC Royal bank Mortgage Calculator

Use the RBC Mortgage Calculator Below to find the lowest rates and determine your mortgage Payments. Identify your goal or the reason for taking up a mortgage. Determine your purchase price followed by your down payment and how long you like to pay the mortgage. Include your postal code then press Continue. The next page will provide you information like total mortgage, an interest rate of the mortgage, and the amortization period. However, if you wish to know your mortgage under different scenarios, click Compare. In this section, you can vary information like amortization, payment frequency, interest terms, interest rate and rate type. You can create up to three scenarios for comparison.

How much interest can you save on your mortgage? The Mortgage Payment Calculator helps you determine how much interest you save or how much of a mortgage payment you can afford with just a slide or a dropdown. Our side by side comparison scenarios allows you to compare various options without having to write anything down or remember to assist you in making an informed decision. Immediately view your results in Chart or Graph format.

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