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Best Mortgage Rates in British Columbia

Mortgage Rates in British Columbia can vary a lot based on the institution, rate type & term. Finding the current mortgage rates in British Columbia may seem like a challenge at first. However, provides an easy to use interface that lets you find and compare the best mortgage rates in British Columbia.

Best 3-Year Fixed Rate

Simplii Financial


3 Year Fixed

90 Days

Hold until Apr 20



Best 3-Year Variable Rate

Bank of Montreal


3 Year Variable

30 Days

Hold until Feb 20



Best 5-Year Fixed Rate



5 Year Fixed

90 Days

Hold until Apr 20



Best 5-Year Variable Rate

Meridian Credit Union


5 Year Variable

60 Days

Hold until Mar 21



Filter Mortgage Rates

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British Columbia Mortgage Rates

Finding the best mortgage rates for your needs in British Columbia doesn’t have to be a stressful experience or a difficult one. brings all the information you need to one place and updates it regularly so you know you are getting current rates from the most competitive banks, brokers, and lenders.

An interesting fact about the BC mortgage market: nearly 40% of home sales throughout the province are by first-time homebuyers. This is a mortgage shopper’s dream-come-true because major banks, mortgage brokers, and lenders need to be very competitive in order to continue acquiring new business. Competitive rates mean you will have no trouble finding the perfect mortgage or loan for your needs.

With our free tools at, we make this easier than ever!

If you haven’t compared any mortgages in B.C. yet, let us fill you in. Did you know that our average rates are less than 2.5% on 5-year fixed-rate mortgages in B.C.? That is over 2% lower than the bank-posted rates, which are usually over 4.5%!

This is a huge amount of savings on the lifetime of your mortgage, especially with the way average house prices are climbing.

British Columbia Mortgages – Variable Rate or Fixed Rate?

Historically speaking, a fixed-rate mortgage is a more secure mortgage. However, variable rates in B.C. have been so low, and seem to be staying there. Because of this, most B.C. buyers that are using our site to compare are opting for variable-rate mortgages and reaping the benefits of big interest savings.

Current Mortgage Rates in British Columbia

Buying a house means getting the best of British Columbia Mortgages that there are. This, however, is easier said than done. There are just too many plans and rates to compare- and finding the best out of the lot may just be too tedious a task without the right tool. This is where comes in. It provides a simple yet highly functional interface to compare mortgage rates British Columbia offers. It also lets you search and sort through these rates on a number of factors and criterion. 

Mortgage Brokers British Columbia

Even those who have been in British Columbia for a long time will find it hard to find the best mortgage rates here. This is where British Columbia Mortgage Brokers come in to simplify all that for you. No matter what kind of a house or property you are looking for, the lowest mortgage rates in British Columbia are what you will find with the help of And the best part is that you can do all of that and find out much more about the best mortgage rates in just a few clicks- no need to go anywhere for that!

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