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High Speed Internet Providers in Canada

While there are a number of internet providers in Canada, finding high speed internet providers Canada is a different task altogether. However, with Compare My Rates, doing that is all about clicking a few buttons and letting us know where you are- and within seconds, you will have every high-speed internet provider on your screen. Compare their plans to find one that meets your usage and budget. You can find a plan that gives you the desired speed and bandwidth within seconds. For Compare My Rates is as fast as the internet you want in giving you the best service- it certainly cannot get any better!

Unlimited Internet Plans Canada

Just because the ad says ‘best internet’ does not mean it really is the best- right? A much better and efficient way to find the best unlimited inert providers Canada has is to use Compare My Rates. You can find all the internet providers on Compare My Rates, and compare them side by side for knowing if your choice is giving you the best service for the price. Compare My Rates understands the value of your money more than anything else- which is why every effort is made to get you the most out of it, especially when you are looking for internet plans and providers.

Canada Internet Providers & Usage Stats

At least 85% of Canada’s population use the Internet, which makes them one of the highest consumers in the world, beating United States and Australia. Further, according to ComScore, Canadians also tend to spend more time online than other people in developed nations. They visit about 80 websites a month and spend more than 35 hours online in 30 days. However, Canada doesn’t have the best Internet standards and has a lower Internet speed despite the high costs of subscription.

Here are some of the popular Internet providers in Canada: