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Comparing the different Internet plans will ensure that users get the best plan to meet their needs. Staying connected in the digital age is of immense importance to everyone, and Internet Plans Canada provides Internet users with the customized plans they need.

Compare internet rates by upload speed, download speed and bandwidth and find the lowest internet prices available.  Whether you are looking for wireless, broadband or dial-up, Comparemyrates.ca has the best rates for Internet Plans in Canada.


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Internet 101

There are various ways to connect to the internet that will allow you access.  There is wireless, broadband and Dial up. 

Wireless  -  WiFi, is a popular technology that allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly.  If you have a wireless router or network and even if you also have a broadband connection, you can use WiFi.  Connecting wirelessly gives you the freedom to move your computer from one location to another and allows you to share the internet connection on more than one device effortlessly, like a wireless printer, other computers or smart TV; you can even connect your smartphone.

Broadband - Broadband connects your computer directly to a broadband modem with DLS or Cable .  Both DSL and cable high-speed Internet services are available millions of Canadians and both are great choices for connecting to the internet.

Dial-up - If you don't have DSL or a Cable modem, you can choose this method if you have a modem and a telephone line.  This method allows you to use a Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) to connect your computer to the Internet. Dial up is still being used and mainly with those who cannot afford Broadband or wireless or those in remote areas in Canada that don't have access to those internet services.

You can take your internet to a whole new level by comparing internet plans available from the best internet service providers.  If your internet use is low, moderate or high, Comparemyrates.ca has great internet plans to compare and find you a great internet plan for your needs.

High Speed Internet

Canada Internet Providers

Comparing Internet Plans Canada ensures that you get the best plan that meets your needs.

Compare high speed internet Canada based on upload speed, download speed and bandwidth and find your options of cheap internet in Canada . Whether you are looking for wireless, broadband or dial-up internet, CompareMyRates.ca has the Best Rates for Internet Plans in Canada .

When choosing a Canada high speed internet plan , a few things to consider are price and additional features.

There are many low cost cable internet providers Canada that offer flat rate service at affordable costs, and there are also bundle packages that include home phone and cable or satellite services. Bundle internet plans are often promoted at a discount, where new customers can obtain great deals on combined services.

For individuals that are simply in need of a high speed internet Canada in order to send email and communicate with friends and family, there are companies that offer affordable Fibe internet, DSL internet & Cable Internet as well.

Staying connected in the digital age is of immense importance to everyone. If you are searching for best Canada internet plans, comparing internet rate plans and make an informed decision on which provider to choose. Internet Plans Canada provides Internet users with customized internet plans based on your requirements including unlimited internet plans Canada.


Find Unlimited Internet Plans

Unlimited Internet Plans give users an unlimited access to the Internet, which is the best option for users looking to constantly use the Internet. There are several options to consider before making a decision. Learn more 

Is Dial Up Internet Still Alive?

Dial Up internet access requires a phone line, a computer and a modem.  Many people in Canada still access the internet through dial up mainly due to low cost and availability in rural areas. Learn more

How to Compare Internet Providers?

When choosing an internet plan, consider price and additional features. There are a variety of low cost internet service providers that offer flat rate broadband service at affordable costs. Learn more 

How To Extend Wi-Fi Range?

Wi-Fi today has improved a great deal with pretty good signal strengths, but even with routers with good signal strength, the range of the signal is limited. There are a few things you can do to extend the range. Learn more

What is Fair Usage Policy?

Fair Usage Policy, also referred as Acceptable Use Policy or Acceptable Usage Policy.  The fair usage policy is a set of rules that is imposed by Internet companies, mainly for their protection. Learn More

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fibre Optic Communication is the sending of light through optical fibre, long thin strands of pure glass. This technology is used by telephone companies, cable companies and network providers. Learn more

What Kind Of Internet Required for VOIP Phone?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a way to turn analog audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. Learn more

Wireless Internet for iPad

The iPad has Wi‑Fi capabilities built in to keep you connected.  You can access a Wi-Fi connection but you may also want to purchase a Wireless Internet Plan for your iPad. Learn more


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