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  • Our cell phone comparison tool can help you find the best cell plans, whether post paid or prepaid, data or no data, limited or unlimited calling and text.
  • If you don't want to be bound to a contract, a Pre-paid Cell Phone plan is for you.  Discover all the pre-paid plans and their many features at Comparemyrates.ca
  • The reason most people choose the Post Paid Cell Phone plans are better rates and free or low cost cell phones.  Search Compare Save on cell phone plans.
  • Are you looking for an unlimited data plan?  Comparemyrates.ca enables you to search unlimited data to find the best cell phone data plans in Canada.
  • More and more cell phone companies now offer unlimited talk time on for cell phone plans for both pre-paid plans and post-paid plans.
  • With a family wireless plan, you can keep in touch with loved ones and save on rates.   Start Today!

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Cell Phones 101

Staying mobility connected in this fast paced age is of immense importance to everyone and cell phones in Canada is the best way to connect.  Cell phones have customized plans with many options and features.  Cell phones come with Prepaid/No Contract Cell Phone Plans or a Contract Cell Phone Plan and both options have great features, it all depends on your requirements.

Smartphones are growing in popularity and now you can enjoy the freedom of surfing, chatting, texting, talking, sharing, listening to your favourite song or watching you favourite show or movie online.

Cell Phone plans have some great features like Canada Wide Long Distance, Data Share, No Contract Plans, Unlimited Evenings & Weekends, Unlimited Incoming Calls, Unlimited Local Calling, Unlimited Text Messaging, Voicemail, conference calling and more.  Compare the best Cell Phone Plans in Canada at Comparemyrates.ca.

Searching for the Best Cell Phone plan in Canada just got easier

Comparing the different Cell Phone plans will ensure that you get the best wireless plan to meet your needs.  Compare data, talk time minutes, Cell phone plans, text and picture messaging and many of the great features cell phone providers offer like free North American calling, free voice mail and more at Comparemyrates.ca.

Comparing cell phone plans can save you hundreds on your wireless bill per year so it's smart to shop around.  At comparemyrates.ca, you compare on one website and online  taking the guesswork out of what plan and wireless provider is the best choice.

As technology improves, so do the offers from the wireless providers.  Look for some great offers from the best wireless providers at Comparemyrates.ca.