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CompareMyRates.ca is the brainchild of iToolPro Systems Inc. and conceptualized considering the strong need for a common platform where a typical Canadian consumer can review and compare all the options that are available in the market in one convenient location.

How will CompareMyRates.ca save consumers money?

Mortgage Rate Comparison – By comparing mortgage rates, you can save $5000+ over 5yrs, and $30,000+ over the course of your mortgage Home Phone, Cell Phone and Internet Plans – Search by Provider or Location, we display all the great features of all the Plans in Canada to assist in making well informed choices. We also give you money and time saving information on the latest technologies. With technology growing and all the choices, we understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be to the average consumer so we try to explain the various terminologies and techniques. Credit Cards - We not only compare the best interest rates for consumers, we also display all the great features of the credit card. Whether you are looking for low interest rates, no annual fees, great rewards or Gold and Platinum Credit cards, we have from basic, low rates to high end prestigious credit cards. Great Shopping Deals – We don’t stop looking for ways to save the consumer money; we also find the best shopping, travel, apparel, toys and games, electronics deals and more. Our service is completely transparent, unbiased and free to consumers. So if you’re looking for a new home, applying for a credit card, shopping around for a new cell phone or looking for a weekend getaway – search, compare and start saving at CompareMyRates.ca!
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